Get Involved

Joining EleutherAI is as simple as joining us on Discord and picking a project to contribute to.

As an independent organization, we are dependent upon donations to power our compute. If you have a very large quantity of compute or compute credits, please contact us directly at contact[at]

What We Need Help With

Contributors are traditionally expected to have at some experience with machine learning and data science. While there is some work for people without that skillset, we are a DL research lab and therefore most work involves writing, training, and inferencing neural networks with industry-standard frameworks. What follows is organized by skillset rather than by project.

If you would like to inquire about contributing, we welcome you to introduce yourself in the #general channel on Discord. Sid Black (@Sid), Leo Gao (@bmk), Stella Biderman (@StellaAthena), and Connor Leahy (@Daj) are generally involved with organizing things and can point you towards specific resources or answer questions.

Data Processing

Data processing work involves searching the internet for data, scraping and cleaning data, and writing scripts to load datasets. Our current data processing need involves building an evaluation harness. If you’re interested in helping out, check out the open Issues in the repo or stop by #lm_thunderdome on Discord. Other projects may have individual data processing needs.

Software Development

Software development work involves creating support systems, building software systems, and cleaning up code and documentation.

Deep Learning

We always need more SWEs who are skilled with deep learning to help with our projects. Our biggest need is for skilled deep learning software engineers looking to contribute to open-source software or build their expertise on new projects.

Our primary focus is currently GPT⁠-⁠NeoX. We are currently looking for individuals that have HPC experience, especially when it comes to distributed training optimization. Feel free to ping Sid Black (@Sid) on Discord with any questions.

Other DL projects we’re working on include systematic scaling experiments in #scaling-laws, transformer and VD-VAE training in #multimodal, and replicating AlphaFold2 in #alphafold. Please ask in the relevant Discord channels if you think you can help out with any of the above.

Unfortunately we do not have many projects that are accessible to people who are beginners at deep learning. We welcome you to hang out in our Discord and learn, and may have jobs you can help with from time to time, but we have many more beginners than beginner-friendly tasks.

Web Development and Graphic Design

We sporadically need help with various tasks related to managing our internet presence. Right now our website has the basic functionality we need, but there is always room for improvement. Post in #website on Discord if you can help.



We are working to implement and publish AlphaFold2. Reach out to Phil Wang (@lucidrains) or Eric Alcaide (@hypnopump) on Discord or post in the #alphafold channel if you can help.


We do a lot of NLP research, and are always interested in more linguists contributing. There is active interest in how scaling laws generalize across languages, but we are also interested in pitches from linguists about topics they are interested in. Post in the #scaling-laws channel if you can help.


We have a need for theoretical and applied mathematicians to assist with various tasks, predominantly but not exclusively surrounding implementing group equivariant neural networks and doing topological data analysis. We are interested in expanding the more mathematically sophisticated research we do, but we are strongly limited by the number of mathematicians we have. Reach out to Stella Biderman (@StellaAthena) or the #equivariance channel on Discord if you can help.